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A. Procedural Steps

After receipt of letter of acceptance (LOA)/ contract document/ work order from the client:

  • A meeting shall be held between Team Leader with all the concerned Engineers.
  • Project details such as scope of work, project requirements, safety norms, project execution plan, etc., shall be discussed and confirmed.
  • A copy of Responsibility Flow Chart of Project Team shall be prepared as per Terms of Reference.

Stages of Constructions

1. Pre-Construction

  • Review of Drawings, Specification, Contract Documents.
  • Review of Site Preparations & Clearance to start the construction.
  • Review of Project Implementation Plan of Contractor.

2. Construction and Commissioning

  • Company will act as extended arm of department during whole execution.
  • Control on Construction Materials.
  • Day to Day Supervision and Monitoring of Construction.
  • Report on Physical Progress and Project implementation Plan.
  • Report on Quality Assurance Systems (Photography/Video of Quality related issue including Compliance).
  • Ensure the Quality of brought out items.

Procedural Steps

  • Verification and certification of work as per scope and specification.
  • Ensure the tender requirement for construction (Organization setup/Plant and equipment/workmanship/QA and QC).
  • Verifying record keeping/documentation.
  • Ensure the safety at project site.
  • Surprise visit and vertical contract audit from company head office.
  • Periodic customer feedback will be taken for services

3. Post-Construction

  • Report on overall performance of the asset created (project)
  • Report on O&M manual

1.0 Introduction

The intent of this methodology is to provide the broad outline for “Project Management Consultancy” Services for the proposed works in UP State.

To improve and reconstruct sustainable with quality standard infrastructure facilities” as per the TOR and schedule with almost importance to quality, health, and safety and environment requirements.

2.0 Purpose

The objectives of assignment is to assist the clients in maintaining the highest quality standards with reference to approved manual BIS codes/prevailing relevant standards by independent team of experts at various stages of construction.

3.0 Scope of Work

The consultants shall supervise the civil work of the contractor appointed by client under and as per the directives of the engineer-in-charge of client.

Duties and responsibilities are described as under:

  1. Assisting the engineer-in-charge of client for executing the work as per the provisions and specification of the bid documents. This would include timely completion of the critical activities, quality control and quality assurance.
  2. Preparing the daily, weekly and monthly reports and submitting them to the engineer-in-charge for appraisals and orders in the matter.
  3. Preparing running account bill as per the directives of engineer-in-charge for scrutiny, processing and payment of the bills to the contractor.
  4. Preparing final bill as per the directives of engineer-in-charge including compliance of technical and audit remarks if any.
  5. The duties of the PMC shall be to carrying out reviewed of technical audit reports, drawing, design, estimates, site survey, soil investigation, sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage, internal roads, electrification works etc.
  6. The PMC shall administer all the construction work contracts and will ensure that the contractual provisions, whether related to quality or quantities of the work are duly implemented.

The principal responsibilities of the PMC will be, but will not be limited to, the following:

  1. To carry out generally all the duties of the PMC as specified in the Construction contract, within any limitations specified therein.
  2. To ensure that the construction work are in accordance with the technical specifications. Environmental Management Plan and other stipulations of the construction contract documents.
  3. To ensure a system of quality assurance of work, concrete mix designs proposed by the contractors and approve/suggest modifications the contractor’s proposed mix designs, laying methods, sampling and testing procedures and quality control measures to ensure the required standard and consistency in quality.
  4. To check the laboratory and field tests carried out by the contractors and to develop a mechanism in consultation with the employer to involve the Team Leader/Resident Engineers in carrying out an adequate number of independent test other than the regular testing one by laboratory personnel;
  5. To monitor and check the daily quality control and quantity measurements of the work carried out under the contracts, keep all measurement records as per the directions of the employer and submit interim payment proposals when the quality of the works is satisfactory and the quantities are correct to the Engineer-in-charge.
  6. To direct the contractors to take all necessary steps including those mentioned in the construction contract to protect the environment on and off the site which arise due to construction operations.
  7. To issue certificates for interim payments to the contractors, and certify completion of parts of the totality of the works where applicable. Details of interim progressive payments are to be recorded in a measurement book before issue of interim certificates.
  8. To prepare, in consultation with the employer a construction supervision manual defining routines and procedures to be adopted in contract management, construction supervision and administration of the contracts and a maintenance manual.
  9. To assist/advise the employer in handing over the sites and in establishing milestones (if any) for completion of contracts.
  10. To verify the list of items and quantities of all items in the BOQ and propose modifications to the same, if necessary, for the approval of the Employer.
  11. To write a daily project diary which shall record all events pertaining to the administration of the contracts, requests from and orders given to the contractors, and any other information which may at a later date be of assistance in resolving queries which may arise concerning the execution of the works and shall be submitted to Engineer-in-charge.
  12. To prepare and submit daily, monthly and quarterly progress reports, together with detailed quality control test statements in and approved format and to prepare a detailed sectional/final completion report for each contract and complete team final report for the project.
  13. To prepare as necessary detailed recommendation to the employer for contract variations and addenda to ensure the best possible technical result are achieved with the available funds.
  14. To assist the employer in taking over of completed works from the contractors, in particular by preparing lists of defects to corrected by the contractors.
  15. To assist the employer in providing clarifications/explanations to observations, if any, made from time to time by the auditor.
  16. To assist the employer in co-ordination with other agencies and hold coordination meetings to facilitate the proper and timely implementations of the project.

4.0 Technical Requirements

  1. Client WO’s drawings etc.
  2. Tender documents and contract agreements
  3. Quality assurance plans as applicable

5.0 Coordination Requirements

All activities detailed in this procedure shall be performed in accordance with prevailing industry practice, TOR and in such a manner that the Project Management Consultancy Services are carried out as per TOR with utmost importance to Quality of services.

Project will be monitor by Team Leader of Company. He shall ensure the availability of the documents like work orders and contract agreements required for the project.

Company will appoint highly qualified experienced engineers as per client’s requirements and will work under the guidance of company team heads TL and assist client in day to day monitoring. Reporting, updating, and supervising the construction and quality assurance and quality control.

6.0 Manpower Deployment and Equipment

We will do the needful as per TOR and Contract Agreement in consultation with client.

7.0 Health, Safety and Environment

Contractor shall be responsible for providing the safe working conditions at site. If company at site finds any unsafe acts and practices, it needs to be explained to the contractor and notified to the client.

8.0 Invoicing

Invoices shall be sent to Clients as per the contract conditions.

9.0 Reports and MIS

Our Team Leader shall have a control on all the inspection being performed by company and shall submit report as per TOR to client.

We will prepare and submit the following reports to the concerned authority as per agreed formats.

  • Inception report
  • Labour and site material checking report
  • Progress report
  • Final report

We will pay attention to the particular problem until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

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